CapSat Rig-View is a vehicle mounted surveillance system that allows you to monitor drill rigs and worksites remotely. It typically mounts up to five cameras on a drill rig to monitor operating areas from different angles. Live data streaming and recorded video footage also assist in the prevention of costly Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s) and health and safety training support.

Rig-View provides complete visibility of your work site, assisting protect your employees and your operations from hazards and other security risks.


Reduce Lost Time Injury’s (LTI’s) and associated downtime

Potential hazards or non-compliance with health and safety procedures can be identified quickly through the monitoring system and addressed, maintaining employee safety and avoiding accidents.

Live data streaming, accessible from a computer or mobile device from any location

Camera footage and other key rig performance parameters can be monitored in real time, from any location on site or across the world. Additionally, alert emails and SMS messages can be sent directly to your computer or phone.

Reduce on-site theft

Video monitoring discourages theft and provides evidence in cases where a stealing offence has occurred.

Improve site security

Rig-View enables live monitoring of worksites and the ability to take immediate action if a security breach occurs. Motion activated infra-red camera’s are suitable for low light or night conditions up to 150 meters.  Geo-Fencing also allows for activation of alarms and sirens from pre-determined set points.

Security features include crowd counting and facial recognition to ensure both the correct personnel and the correct number of personnel are on site.

Save time during incident investigations

In the event of a safety incident, footage from the surveillance cameras can be reviewed to establish exactly what occurred and avoid time spent verifying multiple versions of the situation.

Health and Safety Training and Induction Support

Training and induction programs can use video footage to demonstrate required safety systems and highlight unsafe and potentially dangerous situations. Real time video feeds from site can also be used to demonstrate correct safety procedures and identification of risks and hazards before entering the workplace.

Built to withstand harsh mining environments

Ruggedised cameras are built to operate in extreme light and temperature conditions, and maintain a stable picture when mounted on vibrating machinery. The system requires little power to operate and is quick and easy to install on existing fleets.