Customised Technology Solutions

CapSat configure customised mobile communication hubs, either trailer mounted or containerised, according to your individual requirements.  These are cost effective solutions to extend communications coverage and improve site security monitoring in remote locations.

Trailer Mounted Communications Hub

CapSat’s VSAT trailers are fully customisable, solar powered communications hubs. They can be configured to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, VoiP and power source and easily moved to any location. Additionally, CCTV cameras mounted on the unit provide a security monitoring system, which can be streamed live from any location via the online customer portal.


Portable Wi-Fi range up to 100km
Designed to work with the site’s existing communications infrastructure, CapSat’s mobile communications hubs provide a simple and economical option to extend coverage up to 100km. The system avoids the installation of expensive communications equipment typically required to manage expansion at remote sites.

 24 Hour Coverage

Solar panels mounted on the trailers provide an economical power supply to the units. These are supported with on board battery storage banks, enabling the Wi-Fi and CCTV to operate 24/7.

Security CCTV range up to 10km
Site security and operational activity can be monitored up to 10km away with high quality CCTV cameras mounted on the mast of the trailer. The safety surveillance system records worksites from different angles using cameras mounted on the trailer. Safety systems and procedures on site can be monitored remotely via the online portal.

Live Streaming Security Monitoring

Site activity can be monitored live via the online portal from any location using a computer or mobile device. If a network connection is unavailable, usb ports enable data to be downloaded for viewing at a later time.

Fully Customisable

CapSat technologies develops and configures individual solutions for their clients. Consultation with customers ensures each system meets the specific requirements of the site.

Flexible Solution

CapSat’s mobile communications hubs are easy to mobilise, and can be simply moved to a new location when required. They are ideal where communications access is required temporarily, including in the pit or for temporary accommodation camps or can be configured with conventional power and fixed at the location when longer term solutions are needed.


Containerised Communications Hubs

CapSat’s containerised communications hubs are fully enclosed data centres, configured in either 20 or 40 foot containers, according to your needs. They include fully installed VSAT and Wi-Fi for immediate connectivity for your site.


Mobile, easy to move

CapSat’s data hubs are created in containers which can be easily relocated to a new position or site when required. They are a cost-effective solution for extending site communications and office requirements.

Customised design and fully flexible

The data hub solutions are designed for flexibility. Each container is adapted to your exact requirements including generators, VPN support, VoIP solutions, desk space, windows and storage racking, with 20 or 40 foot options. These multi-purpose units can be deployed to solve many operational needs including site and administration offices, medical facilities or secure storage requirements.

Instant communications solution

Installation of CapSat’s containerised data hub quickly links your site to global internet, data and voice services, ensuring computers, mobile devices, video surveillance and tracking technologies can begin operating immediately.

Solid construction

Constructed using shipping containers, the hubs can last over 20 years with minimum maintenance. Our site communications office is modular, waterproof and resilient.